Air conditioning system commissioning and startup is the process of inspecting a new air conditioning installation, and verifying that the new system is running properly and efficiently. The inspecting technician will take a look at the ducting (if any), the wiring, and the conduit runs. He�ll verify that the piping is the right size, and check on the pipe insulation and support. He�ll check how and where the unit was installed, he'll check the anchors and brackets, and he�ll verify that there�s good airflow around the unit. He�ll check to make sure the fans run in the right direction, the supply voltages are correct, the safeties are properly adjusted, and the thermostat is working correctly. After the technician has verified that the installation is satisfactory, the next step in the air conditioning system commissioning and startup procedure is to start the unit, finish charging it up if necessary, and then verify that it cools normally and efficiently. If there is a charging chart on the unit, or charging information in the service literature, he�ll verify that the unit is charged to factory specifications. .

If there is no factory charging information, he�ll charge to standard HVACR industry specifications. 

We indulge in :

 Commissioning of Split Units

 Commissioning Of Ductable Units.

 Commissioning Of Package Units.

 Commissioning of Cassette Units.

 Commissioning of Chillers.

 Commissioning of CCU Units.

 Commissioning of VRF Systems.

 Commissioning of Cold Storages.

 Commissioning of Floor Stand Units.

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